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Henry Van Dyke

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hi everyone and thanks for visiting my blog.
Today I need to get something off my chest so here goes.
Back in July I was so excited to find the perfect table and chairs at JCP during a lunch break.  I purchased them on the spot and got a really great deal or at least I thought so.
With the first delivery I discovered not only a table that was damaged but the incorrect chairs.  The chairs were leather and I have 4 cats.  We all know what happens with leather and cats.  I was told by JCP furniture that I would need to purchase the correct chairs then once they were returned I would get a credit on my charge card.  Yes I was charged again for the chairs.  Why did I think this was going to be easy?
With the 2nd table, which was also damaged, I received the correct chairs.  I was elated now only if I could get a table that wasn't damaged.  Finally table #3 arrived a month and a half after the original delivery.  The table was good enough for my purposes.  Now I had the table and chairs that make my kitchen look bigger.
Now you say to yourself sounds good story over.  Not so.  I am not sure why I waited so long to double check my account but I thought that the statement I received at the beginning of August was too soon to see the credit.  I went online today and found that my account has not been credited yet.
I called their customer service number, which has one of those fun automated systems NOT, finally getting a live person.  She tells me I have the wrong department and sends me NOWHERE.  I have to dial back the number she gave me, just in case we get disconnected, only to go back into the same system.  This next rep was very nice and waited on the line until someone answered in furniture.  After more than 10 minutes he tells me that he will have to call me back either tonight by 6pm, not sure what time zone, or Monday morning at the latest as the person he needs to ask what to do is not there today.  Well good for that person you have nobody else you can ask?
I will wait for the outcome on Monday but am also expecting some type of compensation for all of this aggravation.  I don't think that is too much to ask.
How frustrating and believe me I would never recommend anyone to buy furniture from them ever.
Thanks for letting me vent.