"A friend is what the heart needs all the time"
Henry Van Dyke

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Told you I wouldn't have time

I knew this was going to happen. I have too many things that I am trying to do so something always suffers. Guess this being the newest thing has suffered the most.

It seems Sarah gave me this little reward
how cute is that!?!
So thanks Sarah! I think I figured this out right didn't I?
I will have to figure out some people to add here though so will do that at another time.
I have a major fiasco today. Seems my youngest furrbaby decided to live a little on the wild side. Bought gave me a heart attack as he got under our deck which is very big. It is impossible for a human to move around underneath as it is virtually inches in places instead of feet between the bottom of the boards and the dirt. He got to a place that we couldn't even see. After quite some time my son was finally able to get him to move by stomping and yelling. So he naturally moved to the other end where I was waiting. I was able to grab his feet but he was managing to get loose when my son came to the rescue getting a better grip. We finally got him in the house and I got to take another shower. I was full of dirt and other yuck ewwww.... He is acting like nothing happened and I am itching up a storm.
I am off to watch some more Olympics.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I see some of my cyber gf's dropped in woohoo!
I am very happy I didn't bother with that shower before I ran my errands. It was like being in a misting shower and my hair just looks fab! I stopped at M's to use my coupon. When do we ever buy 1 thing? I ended up with about $20 worth of fun stuff that I really should be playing with instead of blogging. Then it was off to PetSmart to pick up my furrbabies Eucanuba lamb & rice. Boy is that stuff expensive! A quick trip to Walmart then home again to workout, eat lunch and finally get that shower in.
Hopefully some sbing is in my near future we shall see.
Thanks for stopping by!!!!
This is a cute book I made for a BP class I am taking.

Well lets see how this goes

I am completely new to this whole blogging thing. I have several friends who do it so I thought lets give it a try.
This last week has been very unsettling. Through my own stupidity someone got my sign in for paypal and helped himself to over three thousand dollars. Paypal has managed to obtain almost all of the funds back but they haven't put them in my checking account yet. That also meant stopping on my way home from work one night to fill out a dispute form. What a hassle and believe me that account will be closed once this is all cleared up.
Today we woke to storms booming overhead. The rain has cleared but it is very gloomy outside what a great day to scrapbook! First I have to workout then run errands.
What are you doing today?
Will bbl.