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Henry Van Dyke

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I see some of my cyber gf's dropped in woohoo!
I am very happy I didn't bother with that shower before I ran my errands. It was like being in a misting shower and my hair just looks fab! I stopped at M's to use my coupon. When do we ever buy 1 thing? I ended up with about $20 worth of fun stuff that I really should be playing with instead of blogging. Then it was off to PetSmart to pick up my furrbabies Eucanuba lamb & rice. Boy is that stuff expensive! A quick trip to Walmart then home again to workout, eat lunch and finally get that shower in.
Hopefully some sbing is in my near future we shall see.
Thanks for stopping by!!!!


Lori K said...

Looks like youre getting the hang of this blogging thing! Get scrapping!!

Sarah Coggins said...

OMGosh is pet food getting expensive! I noticed the jump in ours at PetSmart on Friday. Yikes.

Glad you joined us in this crazy addiction. ;) Oh, and I got on Scrappin' Mojo finally. Woohoo!

Tere Azua said...

Hello Terri!!!