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Henry Van Dyke

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane

I am so excited tomorrow morning, ok not excited about the time, I will be Florida bound. I will be in Tampa by 11:15am and will get to see my little sister after more than a year. Can't wait to give her a huge hug! Course my brother in law will be with ; ) so he will get a big hug too.
I guess I will be getting a glimpse across a crowded store of my nephew while he is at work. Poor guy. I will get to see him though next Friday with his cute girlfriend.
Yep I will be missing Chi town but this is a much needed rest from work. I actually have 2 weeks off! Can you say happy dance all over the place. I admit to doing a little happy dance in the elevator on my way down yesterday. I couldn't get home fast enough to start this much deserved time off.
Jan and I will be really busy while I am there but I love helping her out even with the smallest of projects.
Make sure to come back for the Adornit blog hop my post will be up on the 29th.

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Monica Loewen said...

Have a great time, Terri - you deserve it!