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Henry Van Dyke

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

I am making a promise to myself to get on here more to update all that is going on. I noticed my last post was in March last year. Wow that is a long time. Since then I went on vacation with a girlfriend, Denise, to Arizona. What a beautiful place I could see myself there someday. The air was such that I never once had a headache that was so amazing. The climate is so dry and it is the same every day. Sunny and 100. That was at the beginning of June.
At work I have a new boss. He is a very interesting person and fun to work for. He makes things interesting and really understands how our jobs effect us. He is also very smart when it comes to questions with underwriting as that is how I had first met him as my underwriter. Seems like ages ago when in fact it was probably only 5 yrs.
The first day of the new year here is very gloomy. Rain looks like it is changing to either icy precipitation or snow. I truly don't care much but my husband is at work today. Hoping this doesn't mess up his being able to leave early and be home by 2. I completely didn't buy anything for dinner tonight when I went shopping yesterday and don't feel like taking his truck to the store. My suv is still out of commission, another story, and not even here but at a friend of my son's.
Enough for now as I want to post my Christmas card and get it on Tim Holtz's blog before the deadline this morning.
Happy New Year everyone!

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