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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Choosing paint colors

This is really hard and I really wish my sister lived closer to assist me in the choosing of colors for the house. Currently the house is yellow and I really want to bring it back to some more earthy tones. As my living room faces north however I need to not make it too dark.
Here are my choices:My son likes the color in the middle of the upper right more than I do. I think these are too orange for my taste.
I like the middle shade here on both of these two chips.
But I am not sure about the accent wall being one of the darker shades.

What do you think?


Sarah Coggins said...

They all look nice! I agree, that the colors on the top right look a bit orange-y. Hard to tell from the photo, but the bottom middle (Toast Almond) is the one that caught my eye. It has more warmth to it than the other middle color. For the accent wall, would those darker colors be too dark given size of room and amount of light? If so, have a partial mix made. For example, in my kitchen, I ended up with a 55% color mix so I could get the color I wanted but not so dark. The paint mixer can do that with those darker options or even darken up the paint color you choose for the other walls. Try a sample first of the special mix. It took me 3, but so worth it to get that color 'right'. :)

Terri said...

Thanks Sarah you picked the color that I have decided on. I had my son look at them and he liked that one the best next to the drapes.
I will post a before and after picture.

BethieJ said...

I like Toasty Almond too.. and the Dusty Trail is nice too!!! I hope you will share photos after you paint!!
Have a GREAT day!

Mary said...

I don't like the orangy one either. I do like all the other colors.

Joni M said...

Great color choices! It's going to look FABULOUS, Terri!